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CNL Financial Group

CNL Financial Group (CNL) is a private investment management firm providing real estate and alternative investments. Since inception in 1973, CNL and/or its affiliates have formed or acquired companies with more than $34 billion in assets. CNL is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.  

CNL and/or its affiliates have:

  • 45 years of investment experience
  • Formed or acquired companies with more than $34 billion in assets
  • A history of partnering with institutional managers and concentrating on underserved and undercapitalized markets

As of Sept. 30, 2018.
The performance of CNL Strategic Capital may not replicate the experience of these entities. Although the success of CNL Strategic Capital will be dependent on the performance of its managers, investors should not rely on this as an indication of future success. Select financial information should not be a substitute for a full review of all financial information.