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A New Market Opportunity

CNL Strategic Capital focuses on middle-market businesses with annual revenues of primarily between $25 million and $500 million. These are companies that you may already know. In fact, you may work for one or know someone who does. Of the approximately 86,000 companies that fit the middle market definition 98 percent, or more than 83,000 are privately owned.

Investing in private companies may provide:

  • Access to a unique asset class traditionally available only to institutional investors¹
  • Diversification outside of the public markets²

There is no assurance the stated objectives will be met.
Source: "Public companies with revenues of $25m - $500m," Dun & Bradstreet, data as of Dec. 10, 2018. “Private companies with revenues of $25m-$500m,” Dun & Bradstreet, data as of Dec. 10, 2018.
¹ Institutional investors invest with strategies, terms and conditions different from those of individual investors, who have a shorter investment time horizon, possess lower risk capacity, have greater liquidity needs and pay higher fees and expenses for retail offerings.
² Diversification does not ensure profit nor protect against loss in an advancing or declining market. There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses. Additional risks may hinder an investor’s ability to achieve portfolio diversification.